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Fotech Visit To Ventura

Fotech visit to Ventura

Ventura was very delighted to welcome Fotech delegate comprises of John Yves who is Chief Sales Officer for Fotech. John Yves came together with Pedro Barbosa who is a Senior Product Manager (pipelines), Kin Leong who are the Head of Sales APAC and Abdullah who are the Head of Sales Middle East. The visit was made in conjunction with OGA 2022 which took place between 13th to 15th September 2022. Fotech delegate spent almost one day if our office. We took the opportunity to showcase our 5 years business plan in terms of opportunity list and short tour to our office. Fotech also provides some insight especially on the latest development within Fotech. Technical Sales Training was conducted also by Abdullah which made the last agenda of the visit.

Fotech left the office at about 4pm and there were few meetings was set-up for the following days. Fotech manage to accompany Ventura for meeting with PGB and TNB (on 14th and 15th)

Ventura is looking forward to receive frequent visit in the near future to give more impact for the business.

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