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The 46th IPA Convention & Exhibition 2022

The 46th IPA Convention & Exhibition 2022

Jakarta – The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) organizes its Convention and Exhibition: IPA Convex, annually to address the need of the upstream oil and gas professionals for networking, gaining new knowledge, and sharing experiences. For the 46th edition in 2022, IPA Convex will adopt a hybrid format, allowing online events to cater to wider possibilities and opportunities. IPA Convex 2022 was held from 21 to 23 September 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center and also through the online platform.

As the longest-serving event for the upstream oil and gas industry in Indonesia, IPA Convex is recognized by the industry to be the official and best channel to communicate and find updates on policies, market development, and strengthen professional network.

Ventura proudly is the sole representative participant from Malaysia in the 46th IPA Convention & Exhibition at Jakarta Convention Center. In the convention, the signature of Ventura product is fiber optic sensing that adopt DAS technology. A DAS monitoring interrogator system converts a standard communications single mode fiber into a thousands of extremely sensitive acoustic and vibration sensors.

The Distributed Acoustic Sensor connected to one end of the fiber uses a laser to send thousands of short pulses of light along the fiber every second. A small proportion of the light travelling in a fiber is reflected back by the process known as Rayleigh Backscatter.

Vibrations from the surrounding environment, will disturb the light in the fiber and will therefore be observed by the DAS interrogator. As the data is processed in real time, advanced algorithms can recognise the unique signatures of each type of event. The events that are of concern are reported to the alarm server.

Ventura received courtesy visit from Ronald Gunawan, Director and COO of MEDCO Energi.

During the event, Ventura very delighted to welcome Pertamina Gas delegates comprises President Director, Gamal Imam Santoso and Rosa Permata Sari who is a Technical and Operation Director.

Upon their arrival, Ventura took an opportunity to introduce our product and services and also show them our product showcase during the visit, particularly in oil & gas industry (Pipeline). The visit ended with a digital signing ceremony with Pertamina Gas, President Director, Gamal Imam Santoso and Ventura Chief Executive Officer, Meor Tawfik Amirrudin.

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