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Provide fast-tracked solutions by optimum blending of local experience with latest technologies


In a M&A market driven by demand, we offer to asset owners a comprehensive and scalable solution to speed up the process of reaching a wide-spread base of potential investors, while delivering a high-quality value assessment.

This is done by a unique blending of skills and experience of our people with the integration of the latest technologies, including Data Analytics and Cloud data storage.


  • Data Consolidation: Expert organization of the data in a structured form using Cloud platform, with versatile conversion to Data Rooms, leading to time and effort savings to potential buyers, thus further shortening the whole M&A cycle time.
  • Rapid Portfolio Screening: Ranking and combination of opportunities, for the most economic outcome.
  • Techno-Commercial Evaluation: Fast-tracked and independent insight into each asset performance, risks and opportunities, extracting the maximum value through innovative and practical development options.
  • Global Reaching Promotion: creating high quality visual marketing content, followed by promotion using a combination of Online and Direct marketing through targeted meetings, industry events and dedicated promotion sessions.


Whether for Stranded/Marginal fields in need for economically viable development alternatives or for Late-life Mature fields needing rejuvenation, our experts, with over 17 years in managing distressed Oil and Gas assets, bring a vast experience of lessons-learned, processes and knowhow that have consistently delivered value to operators.

All the projects managed have undergone 3rd party IPA Benchmarking ( constantly scoring “Best in Class” rating throughout all phases of the FEL (Front End Loading) process, from Concept Engineering all the way to Execution and Operations.

The size of Capital projects managed range from $USD 50 Million to >1 Billion $USD, including standalone projects specific to: Subsurface characterization & modelling, Drilling, Production Enhancement, Surface Facilities upgrade & Construction, Debottlenecking, Field Development Plans, Asset life extension, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Intelligent fields implementation and Asset Rejuvenation onshore and offshore.


Our proposal for achieving World-Class efficiency through sustainable growth is based on understanding the Technical-Potential value of an asset and addressing the gaps in a three-phase implementation process:

  • Phase 1: Rapid Evaluation – assess short/long-term needs and gaps of a selected asset from various focus-areas: (i) Technical (ii) Organization and (iii) Processes. The Rapid Evaluation aims to identify and quantify potential gaps which erode the value of the company.
  • Phase 2: Business Readiness – deliver an execution plan which addresses immediate and long-term needs based on the outcome of the Rapid Evaluation.
  • Phase 3: Implementation – implement the execution-plan developed in the Business Readiness phase on the selected asset. This is typically executed with the existing asset owner resources and any additional external resources, based on the outcome of the Rapid Evaluation and Business Readiness.

We apply world class Project & Asset Management methodologies by integrating in-house developed with new data analytics software technologies, with a focus on Risk & Opportunity management, Decision Quality, Technology requirements and Strategic Execution Excellence.


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